Who We Are

We are Downey’s number one used car buying service and have been for years. We are a team of dedicated professionals that believe customer service is the only way to measure the success of a company. We believe our commitment to excellent customer service is what has made us an industry leader. Our success has given us the resources to expand our car buying service, allowing us to buy more vehicles than ever before. If you need to sell your vehicle and sell it fast, we are truly the best option in the area. How else could you sell a vehicle in one day without leaving your house?

 What We Buy

  • Every Make – We buy vehicles that carry any brand name. This means we buy foreign and domestic. We buy vehicles whose manufacturer have gained a bad reputation or is now defunct. We buy vehicles produced by very small manufacturers or that were produced in limited runs. No matter who made your car, we want to hear from you!
  • Every Model – At Cash For Cars Downey, we take a different approach to car buying than most. We want to serve as many Downey residents as possible, which means that we buy every model that you can think of. We buy vehicles that would otherwise prove unsellable, such as trucks that have very poor fuel efficiencies. In a market dominated by small vehicles, we still buy large vehicles everyday. If you have had difficulty selling your vehicle in the past, try giving us a call; you will not be disappointed!
  • Every Year – How many times have you thought of selling your vehicle but decided that it is just too old and out of date to list on today’s market? It is difficult to compete with vehicles that have back up cameras, electronic stability control, and built in GPS when your vehicle still uses a hand crank to roll up the windows. We buy cars at any age, no matter what safety and luxury features they lack. In that vein, we often buy collectibles and restored vehicles that have niche markets. Whether you have a muscle car from the 60s or a box car of the 80s, we will most likely make you an offer!
  • Every Condition – We buy cars with exterior problems such as paint chipping, rusting, or scratches. We even buy vehicles with severe engine trouble. To find out more about selling a vehicle in very poor condition, check out our “We Buy Damaged Cars” program.