Everyone falls on hard times now and again. Maybe you’ve lost your job, maybe you’re behind on your house payments, or maybe you have been hit with out of the ordinary expenses. What can you do to get back on your feet? You might only think of a few options that can get you cash fast: taking out a payday loan, taking a cash advance on your credit card, or even donating plasma. Looking over your options, you’ll realize that they are not really solutions, they will only further complicate your financial problems. For instance, the interest on payday loans may seem fairly reasonable, but many people do not realize that these loans don’t work the same way that most do. Instead of charging an annual percentage rate, you will be paying a monthly percentage rate. This can get expensive fast, and is generally the first wrong step on the road to financial ruin and eventual bankruptcy. Similarly, taking a cash advance from your credit card holds the risk of raising your interest rate on the entire loan, not just the cash advance. You don’t want to let your temporary financial troubles affect your credit rating, which makes donating plasma look like a very good idea. Unfortunately, the procedure is time consuming and can result in serious illness. Losing time and health is not worth the small cash reward.

There is good news, though! You may have overlooked the easiest and fastest way to make some cash without taking a loan. Most people don’t think to sell one of their vehicles because selling a vehicle traditionally takes months and requires a large amount of your time and energy to make happen. Rather than post your vehicle on a classifieds site and wait to hear from a potential buyer who only wants to pay half of your asking price, give us a call at Cash For Cars Downey. You won’t have to take photos of your vehicle or write a blurb about it, all you need to do is give us a call. We buy just about every type of vehicle and will offer you the full payment in cash. We even buy cars that don’t run, so don’t hesitate to call if your vehicle isn’t in the best condition. Best of all, the whole process can be wrapped up in a single day. You could have the cash that you need by tomorrow!