After reading through our website, you might be wondering “is it really that easy to sell my car?” It’s easy to be skeptical about our claims if you’ve had any experience dealing with businesses in the used car industry. Unfortunately, our competitors  have created a reputation of hidden fees and manipulative tactics. We realize that the used car industry has this reputation as a whole and we work that much harder to defy expectations. We never rely on high pressure tactics to force you to sell. We will never charge you a fee for any part of the service. That’s right! You’ll never find a tow away fee or a document preparation fee in our contracts. We believe that honesty is not just a marketing strategy; it needs to be the foundation of our business. Give us a call today, and find out why so many people in your area trust us with their used car selling needs.

How Selling to Us Works

  • Make One Call – That’s all it takes. You’ll never be asked to wait on hold, be bounced between departments, or asked to call back. We want you to experience our award winning service from the first step until the last. You should expect the call to take about 15 minutes, during which time we will ask you some basic questions about your vehicles. Be ready to answer questions about your vehicle’s make, model, year, and condition. While you answer these questions, we will use the information to build a personalized cash offer.
  • Get Your Cash Offer – We train our staff to take into account local and nationwide market trends so that we can offer you the most up to date and fair amount that we can. If we are interested in your car (we rarely turn anyone away), we will make you an offer during the first phone call. No waiting around by the phone to see how much we will pay you, you can know fifteen minutes from now!
  • Sell Your Vehicle – How’s this for customer service: if you accept our cash offer, we’ll take care of the rest. We will arrange a time to meet around your schedule. We will drive to you and provide all the necessary paperwork and information. We will pay you cash the same day and we will drive or tow your vehicle away for free. It’s just that easy!